As a grandparent of a "Feb" graduating this next February, I have a suggestion. I recently attended a 50th college reunion which included the following: an invitation to a 3 hour gathering where the question was asked: What are the life lessons learned through not only your career, but also the life you have lived? The afternoon created an entirely different following set of gatherings (cocktail parties and so on) than otherwise due to the depth of the initial conversations in that first day. So, my proposal to you: FACULTY should respond to this question: "What are OUR life lessons
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learned so far?" In a seminar with sophomore students. Readings for students are all very fine: but the living breathing faculty experience would be so much more rich, and create a bond. And students could also share: "what have your experiences taught you so far?" And invite a few grandparents too.......
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by Peggy Bauhaus (not verified)