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It is hard to say which is more remarkable, Nettie's extraordinarily high level accomplishments against incredibly tough odds or the broader environment of racism and sexism that Nettie, and Middlebury College, took on. This is a heartwarming story albeit it is interwoven with miscarriages of justice, more than traces of which survive today. My compliments to Professor Hart who makes a compelling case for not only Middlebury College being ahead of educational conventions at the time of Nettie's life, but moreover for Nettie as an individual role model deriving in part from the interactions she had with an
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evolving college. Founded on such inspiring roots, I have high hopes for the potential impact of the Intercultural Center on Middlebury students, faculty, staff, alumni and hopefully a broader impact beyond Middlebury's populations.
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by David Minot '74 (not verified)