Once again I appreciate your candor and humility relating to the unpredicted rise of Donald Trump. While the notion of "it's the candidate" does not trouble me greatly, the notion that it is mostly or all about media management is to me discouraging. Partly about media management, okay; all about media management, well, is that what we want in our President? Charisma and strong oratory skills okay; dominant and overriding entertainment, however, misses at least my objective (I think) in selecting a leader. There have to be some implications for education here, focusing on secondary education. Just
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as we owe high school students a skill set suited for economic survival, so do we owe them a knowledge base about the fundamentals of government and the implications of our choices in leadership, considering factors that go beyond our affection for good entertainment. Having said the above, I confess to being attracted to candidates that I would welcome in my living room, or rather TV room, for the next 4 to 8 years. Perhaps the only solution is for media to constantly disavow its own importance - antithetical to its existence and far from at all likely to happen.
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by David Minot '74 (not verified)