David - This is the power of Trump. He is a ratings bonanza for a national media that is increasingly shedding viewers, and profits, to alternative social media platforms, and this is why it is extremely difficult for them to resist covering, in spades, his latest rhetorical outburst - and he knows this. You can be sure that Bert and I make this quite clear to our students when we talk about the source of his popularity. But as you suggest, in some respects it is like watching a car accident - it is gruesome, but we
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can't turn away. The one positive point I would add about Trump's candidacy, however, is that he is primarily responsible for the record turnout we've been observing in Republican contests so far. The other point I would make is that there is evidence that he is moderating his views somewhat - or at least is claiming to do so - which gives me some hope that a President Trump (if it comes to that!) would govern in a less bombastic, inflammatory manner. However, we are a long way from that scenario, of course.
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by Matt Dickinson (not verified)