My junior year, I signed up for an English course in Restoration Theater. Turned out I was the ONLY one who signed up. I wish I could remember the good English prof's name, but I can't at this remove - BUT - he was a really good egg, and I proposed an independent study project that worked to my great interest in French classical theater (Moliere, Racine, Corneille) and looked at Restoration Theater, especially the comedies, in a comparative study. Well, he got at LEAST as excited as I did with the idea as he admitted his
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lack of familiarity with the French equivalent, and we both looked forward to our 2-hour (officially 1, but who was counting?) talks about Sheridan and Moliere and what they did and did differently from the other and the borrowing and all... In the end, while I couldn't possibly replicate the conclusions, it was one of the most enjoyable classes I ever "took" - and it was a classic example of the flexibility possible at Middlebury.
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by Ronald Duquette (not verified)