A best friend through Jr and Sr. H.S. lived across the street. His dad owned Seven Gables Book Store in NYC and had one of the larger private Frost collections...across the street. I was completely hooked by eighth grade. We were beyond fortunate in attending Middlebury from '56 through '60. We sat in Meade Chapel and listened to Robert Frost say some poems to us. Incredible abd beyond. Now re the chair. As a class agent, I spent many a late fall weekend at Bread Loaf, center of the universe on a perfect Sept. afternoon. One of those afternoons
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many years back, a trip to Homer Noble's fields and the Frost cabin was arranged. We bushwhacked and the guides got lost, never made it. To make ammends, we rescheduled but only the two gentlemen who saw to the cabin and two of us showed up. This time it worked. Upon arrival, they said well, only just us, we'll take you inside. Saw every inch of everything and under the lamp ws the original chair. Could not resist, it was very comfortble . Somewhere there are 35 mm Kodachrome slides of lamp, chair, room, rest of cabin spaces and views out windows as Mr. Frost saw them...from the shared chair. I somehow think he would not have minded very much.
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by Edwin .R. (Dick... (not verified)