“Imagine living and learning in a place where the profound accumulated wisdom of the world’s great spiritual teachings and practices were accessible and employed regularly in our life together. " It strikes me that striving for anything less is at least inadvisable and more like unacceptable. Having said that, I applaud the notion and direction of this statement as identifying potentially the greatest opportunity a college experience might bear on the quality and purpose of lives during and following four years of study, socialization and exploration. Those who might object that the objectives here are hard to
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define and measure could miss a/the point that discovering and creating what is important spiritually and what religions might teach us transcends desires for more immediately available results attainable from established secular disciplines. What is at stake here for those in the Middlebury community and beyond might well be satisfaction (though probably never contentment) in one's sense of purpose and an inner peace that (with apologies saying this with a cliché) the journey is the destination. I and I suspect many others appreciate that Mark Orten's discussions/pursuits/directions are being shared with the greater Middlebury College community (e.g. alumni) and look forward to this continuing in print, maybe video(?), and experientially(?) for the times we alumni can be back on campus.
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by David Minot '74 (not verified)