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Congratulations to Middlebury College for its accomplishments and good example regarding environmental sustainability and carbon neutrality. Thank you one and all for blazing and trail and setting an example for environmental responsibility that other individuals, groups, schools, colleges, universities, corporations and governments can follow. Please keep in mind that new trees lock up 11 times more carbon dioxide (CO2) than mature trees. I propose a New Forest Initiative whereby square acreage of marginal farmland preferably next to State and National Forests are purchased for the sole purpose of planting them into hardy native species of
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trees that can survive and thrive in two climactic zones. Once the new forests are established they could be turned over to the State with the stipulation that the lumber harvested from the trees may not be burned as fuel. The lumber may only be used for cribbing to be placed along river, lake and ocean shorelines to control erosion as sea levels rise and where and when possible be planted with new trees.
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by Timothy J. Mullen (not verified)