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With the new Middlebury Town Office up and running, the old municipal building (above) is being removed to create a park.

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Saying Farewell to Middlebury's Municipal Building [video]

July 18, 2016

MIDDLEBURY, Vt. -- This summer, a major excavation project is underway at the corner of South Main Street and College Street in Middlebury. The old municipal building, a familiar part of the town landscape since its completion as a high school in 1911, is being demolished and trucked away. The result of this work opens up a new vista of campus that today's residents would only have seen in historic photos or drawings. Replacing the building will be a new park with an estimated completion date of fall, 2016.

In a new video, Professor Emeritus of History of Art and Architecture Glenn Andres tells the story of the building and its interesting role in Middlebury town history.

Removal of the former municipal building and construction of the park are the final steps in a major cooperative effort between the College and town to improve downtown Middlebury. The construction phase of the voter-approved project began in October, 2014, when a College-owned home – Osborne House – was moved from Main Street across the Cross Street Bridge to open up space for a new Town Office on the roundabout in Middlebury. Shortly afterward, construction began on a new town recreation center on Creek Road in Middlebury and on the new town offices. Both buildings are now completed.

Video: Fly over the demolition site for a perspective on where the new park will go.


One thing that might be of interest is that the gym which apparently was also torn down was designed by Arthur K D Healtitude Professionals of A rtf who began hierarchy career as an architect. The gym was built, many years after the main building. The high school was originally two stories but was repurposed into town hall after a fire..

by Richard L. Brown _53 (not verified)

I'll miss it... about the only time I went there was to obtain my marriage license to wed Sylvi Allen '81.... before Chaplain Scott would marry us... do they even still require a marriage license in VT?

by Peter Duncan '80 (not verified)

Remember so clearly as a freshman arriving at school on the morning of the fire. My siblings went to school there, my father graduated from that school, I was a member of the last graduating class from the school. Memories....sock-hops, proms, basketball games, Mr. Phinney, Mrs. Cunningham, Mrs. Sholes.....oh, the memories. I signed up for the military in the ticket office at the entrance to the gym. National Guard, Harold Provencha, John Wesley, Tony Trono, all officers in the Unit. I guess this all might be termed progress, but not for me. I'll never be
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able to accept the fact that my old school will no longer exist, even as a Town Office, but I'll still have the memories.
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by Bob Broughton (not verified)

Bob, do you have any pictures of the old school before it was torn down?

by Sandy Phelps Oliver (not verified)

Bob The MHS/MUHS Alumni Association has saved bricks from the 1911 original portion of the school and will be using them around the flag pole at MUHS. We hope to dedicate the remembrance on Homecoming weekend, October 24th. We are also working with the park committee to put a bench and a plaque in the park near the front entrance to the school. The park committee will be placing the 1911 marker near the entrance as well. We hope that you will be able to attend one of the unveilings. Bill Cunningham Class of 1973 Son of Phyllis and Bill Cunningham

by Bill Cunningham (not verified)

Sandy: Hope this finds you well. I just ran across some old stuff, part of which was from our days at MHS. And I did find a couple of old "before fire" pictures of the school. If you email me your address, I'll try scanning them into my computer and sending you copies. If that doesn't work, I'll snail-mail them to you. Have sort of lost track; were you a year behind me? Darned memory isn't what it used to be. Take care, Bob & Barbara (Shackett) Broughton

by Bob Broughton (not verified)

Sorry to be so late but I'm here now. Hopefully the photos will come through. Think you were a year ahead of me, I'm 1958 , think you were 1957 right? Anyway thanks in advance. Will let you know if they come through . Sandy

by Sandy Phelps Oliver (not verified)

Very good Memories!

by Larry Hale '53 (not verified)

Bob, are you there? If so have you gotten any of my messages? Please let me know. Would very much like the pictures. Sandy Phelps Oliver.

by Sandy Phelps Oliver (not verified)

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