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Anaerobic Digester Fact Sheet

Who is Vanguard Renewables?
Vanguard Renewables develops, constructs, owns, and operates Farm Powered Anaerobic Digestion (AD) facilities that provide a closed loop organics (food and agricultural waste) to energy lifecycle solution. Our digesters sustain American farms, enable organic waste ban compliance, reduce Green House Gas and phosphorus, and produce renewable clean energy. 

Farm Powered Anaerobic Digester Project at Goodrich Family Dairy Farm

Location & Construction
Located in Salisbury, Vt., Addison County. 5.6 miles from Middlebury College and Cabot’s largest cheese factory
Plan to construct a 140,000 Mcf/y facility at Goodrich Family Farm 

Farm Facts: Goodrich Family Farm, Salisbury, Vermont
Generational Vermont dairy farm owned and operated by the Goodrich family
900 milking cows on site
1750 acres of hay and 650 acres of corn

Utility: Vermont Gas
Vermont Gas Service to extend existing gas line 5.0 miles to the farm

Project Inputs: Feedstock
Manure ~ 100 tons per day
Organics ~ 165 tons per day

Project Outputs: RNG (Renewable Natural Gas) and Electricity
140,000 Mcf/y of baseload Renewable Natural Gas for pipeline injection
500kW of Renewable Electricity

Farm Benefits
Annual lease payment for land use
Reduced energy costs
Free heat for farm use
Liquid fertilizer to increase crop yields and reduce chemical fertilizer use
Separated solids for animal bedding
Phosphorus reduction 
Reduced GHG emissions