Rabbi Schiffer How wistfully I recall the baccalaureate we attended when our younger son graduated from Middlebury some years ago (c 2009, my memory fails me so often these days). Although I cannot recount the exact words, poignant were those spoken by you in describing a conversation, so steeped in the Jewish tradition, of a conversation between a man and God. The gist of which was the mortal's lamentations that he was not "Moses" or "Abraham" or "Solomon," but hearing this man's account of his sense of failure to be something, someone, he was not, the Lord
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chided, "'I only expected you to be [yourself]." So stirring was your call to self, I have thought of you and that day many times over the years, and now have the opportunity to thank you for being Rabbi Schiffer. Blessings be with you as you move to inspire and offer wisdom to a new community, robbie johnson
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by Robert G. Johnson (not verified)