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Hi Shannon - good question and sorry it took me forever to see it! The Arts component is something I'm really excited about when it comes to STEAM Girls. It came into play in a couple different ways. First, we teaching coding in a visual, interactive way. At STEAM, our campers used a program called Processing to program interactive generative art pieces. They learned how color is encoded by computers and how to create shapes. They then were able to create programs that allowed users to interact with shape and color by moving their computer mouse. A quick google search
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for "processing generative art" will show you some really cool examples of the kind of art our campers explored. During year one of STEAM Girls, we also used Arduinos, which are really cool pieces of hardware that allow exploration of electrical engineering. One of our campers programmed hers to play a musical piece. Other campers programmed LED lights and connected them to various crafts. It was very cool! STEAM definitely hopes to highlight how much room there is for creative expression in engineering and coding.
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by Joy Wood (not verified)