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Interesting how an article about the laudable effort to increase diversity in higher education becomes a platform for the truly ideologically fragile to complain about "liberals" and to mischaracterize the academic environment at Middlebury. I actually attended the College. The students and faculty have diverse ideological perspectives. In my time there, Chief Justice Roberts, Ari Fliesher, prominent anti-choice leaders and many other conservatives accepted invitations to give speeches. There were (and still are) many conservatives in the classrooms, both professors and students. For example, Professor Dry continues to teach at Midd. Sometimes, explicit hatemongers are also allowed on campus. Unfortunately,
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a white-supremacist who gave a lecture when I was at the college was just welcomed again to campus by the American Enterprise Institute a decade after his last visit. Is that more of what you seek, internet posters? Or do you just want traditionally conservatism represented in a significant way on campus? That already exists and is welcome. There are many other examples, but you didn't post to hear about ideological diversity, you came to troll. My racial and ethnic identities are not imperiled by exposure to others of differing ideologies. Perhaps yours are? Discomfort is not discrimination. Including women is not a threat to men, except to the egos of the most fragile of us. Racial inclusion is not an attack on whiteness, it is a step toward difficult conversations about so many issues in this country that have not been resolved since the founding of our nation. In many cultural and political ways, women and minorities have never had so many seats at the table. That does not mean that conservatism is oppressed or repressed, it simply means that you may have to tolerate seeing and hearing from people with whom you might never before have had to interact. Perhaps you will see that racial minorities have diverse ideologies too. I know that I have found that to be the case.
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by Dr. Wilson Judd... (not verified)