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KUDOS to you MIdd for your commitment to continuously bringing diversity, in all its forms, to that amazing campus! When our son Stephan Koenigsberger('16) chose Midd as the ONLY college he was interested in applying to or attending, I have to admit that we were at first, quite worried. Our main concern was how he would fit in...then we thought about whether he would GET in. Needless to say both of those things happened and he not only survived but thrived and, thorough swimming, made his own mark. Thanks to our son, we as a family discovered and benefitted greatly
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from his four years at MIDD. We love you MIDD and all the wonderful educators who walk the many halls of that brilliant educational institution. Continued success and congrats to the class of 2018! Deborah Koenigsberger
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by Deborah Koenigs... (not verified)