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This is a fascinating read and Dr. Allen and his students are performing vital research. Lyme disease is becoming a national epidemic and we need more strong minds in the trenches doing the work to solve this vector borne illness. Thank you to Dr. Allen for the great work you are doing and to Middlebury for its support. FYI - There is an organization in CO that is supporting families across the nation who are suffering from Lyme as well as scientists and doctors doing research. It's one to know about and it was started by
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a courageous young woman, Olivia G, who has battled lyme for several years. For more information, please check it out: There's also a great app "TickTracker" that is a social/crowd based tool that helps identify, track, and properly instruct on how best to get rid of a tick if it's been found on a person. Jon-Erik Borgen '99
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by Jon Borgen (not verified)