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The total number of applicants to the Class of 2022 exceeds the previous high of 9,109 in 2013.

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Number of Applicants to Middlebury Is Largest in College’s History

January 22, 2018

MIDDLEBURY, Vt. ­– Middlebury College has received a record 9,230 applications to the Class of 2022. The total represents a 3.6 percent increase over last year and exceeds the previous high of 9,109 in 2013. Both numbers include all students who applied early decision and those who applied regular decision. This year there were 8,340 applicants for regular admission with the remainder applying in either the first or second round of
early admission

“From our travels across the country and around the world this past year, we heard repeatedly from prospective families that Middlebury’s reputation continues to flourish as an engaged community of students and faculty willing to have critical conversations,” said Dean of Admissions Greg Buckles. “We’re seeking out and attracting a richly diverse, incredibly bright pool of young people, and the numbers reflect this.”

Buckles noted that the number of students of color and of international students also reached new levels, breaking last year’s record highs­—students of color with a 5.7 percent increase and international students with a 7 percent increase.

The six states with the most applicants are, in order, New York, California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Illinois. The six countries with the largest number of applicants are, also in order, China, Pakistan, India, Kenya, Canada, and the U.K.

“Middlebury is fortunate to have such a talented pool of applicants,” said Buckles. “Many prospective students recognize that an outstanding liberal arts education is an asset and will add to their ability to address the world’s big challenges.”

Applicants may learn if they have been admitted to Middlebury by logging onto a designated web page on March 24. Letters will be mailed to their homes on March 23.