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I am delighted to see the message being discussed on campus and it seems like a message that needs to be reiterated regularly, not only at Middlebury but across higher education, in the wake of the Murray incident. Coincidentally, I've been working my way through Splintering of the American Mind: Indentity Politics, Inequality, and Community on Today's College Campuses, by Johns Hopkins professor William Egginton. In the book Egginton seems to be advancing a similar argument, though, instead of referencing social media and self-curated Netflix viewing as deepening our identity politics divides, he takes this a step further to (re)imagine
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the role of curricula, course readings, and discussions in the classroom setting to set up a different sort of dynamic in the liberal arts college. I wonder if/how the faculty might see their role in creating this kind of academic environment and ensuring that classrooms where ideas from across the spectrum are considered and vigorously debated? -- Lisa Jasinski '02.5.
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by Lisa Jasinski '02.5 (not verified)