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I loved reading about the Top-10 Athletic Highlights for 2018-2019. What an unbelievable line-up of championship teams and stand-out athletes. But alas, I could not find anything about the Pranksters, Middlebury's formidable ultimate frisbee squad. Not only were they omitted from the highlights, the women's and men's ultimate teams aren't even on the Midd Athletic's website! As a proud (and embarrassing parent) I had hoped to read about my favorite prankster, who just happened to be named Division III Rookie of the Year and had the honor of being the first freshman ever to make First Team All American. Pity
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those who have yet to discover this sport-of-all-sports! I hope Director of Athletics, Erin Quinn, will rectify this lamentable omission and put ultimate on the roster with the rest of Midd's teams. P.S. Could you send me a Prankster sweatshirt? They ran out before I could snag one... Sincerely, a Prankster Panther Parent
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by Jennifer Bryan (not verified)