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Basia Osborne ’19 was one of several students, faculty, staff, and trustees interviewed for a short documentary looking at what it means to be Black at Middlebury.

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Video: Understanding the Black Experience at Middlebury

February 27, 2019

MIDDLEBURY, Vt. - Being of mixed races, Demetrius Borge ’16 says that he has enjoyed many of the privileges of being Black, but has faced none of the consequences. So he became inspired to better understand the Black experience at Middlebury—not by internalizing the experience, but by opening himself up to those already in this space. 

The result is “Carol Street,” Borge’s documentary short feature produced for Middlebury Magazine. The 15-minute film launches a new video series—“Middlebury MagazinePresents …”— for the digital version of the magazine. The aim of the series is to produce four short feature films a year, with a focus on issues and subjects animating the greater Middlebury community.

Says magazine editor Matt Jennings, “With this film series, we hope to go in-depth on topics rooted in our community and that we believe will be of great interest to our readers and viewers. And I can think of no better way to introduce this concept than with Demetrius Borge’s ‘Carol Street’.”