News Stories

Michael Geisler Wins Teachers of German Award

December 1, 2014

The head of Middlebury's Language Schools and Schools Abroad was honored by the American Association of Teachers of German at its annual conference in November.

Animal Tales

November 26, 2014

From Middlebury Magazine, a guided tour through animal literature, with Professor Antonia Losano leading the way.

How Did You Get Here, Faraz Khan ’16?

November 24, 2014

From the Fellows in Narrative Journalism program, the story of a student who grew up a Pakistani immigrant in Chicago before finding his way to Middlebury.

Preserving the Bread Loaf Inn

November 24, 2014

Middlebury will soon complete the project to stabilize, winterize, and renovate the historic Bread Loaf Inn.

Lessons Learned from the Tower of Babel

November 20, 2014

Human beings are constantly exploring new frontiers. Environmentalist Bill McKibben wonders if it's time to rein in some of that ambition. 


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