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ITS Issues Advisory for Reducing Cyber-Attack Risk

May 17, 2017

The following advisory from Associate Vice President for Information Technology Jim Stuart was sent to the full Middlebury community on May 15.

Dear Colleagues,

You are likely aware of the global cyber-attack targeting Windows computers that began on Friday, and is continuing today. Our ITS staff is working, as always, to keep Middlebury protected, but you can help protect your accounts, devices, and information by following these (and other) Safe Computing Best Practices: 

  • Do not open any links or attachments in email that you did not ask for.
  • Ensure that your devices have the latest software and security updates.
  • Back up your important data. Make sure your data backups are secure.
  • Do not reuse passwords. Use unique, strong passwords for each of your important online services.
  • Use Multi-Factor Authentication to protect your accounts. Visit to enroll your Middlebury account today.
  • Enable encryption on your devices. Contact ITS to find out how at 802-443-2200, or
  • Report lost or stolen devices to ITS immediately: 802-443-2200,

Again, please stay alert as cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly more frequent.

Thank you for your attention to this serious issue,

Information Technology Services