An Apology from Professor Jeff Byers

April 10, 2019

I apologize and take full responsibility for my actions in administering two examinations in the last year containing questions that were clearly offensive, hurtful, and injurious to our students. I can offer no explanation for my actions other than carelessness and hubris. My students came to my class trusting that I would provide them with a supportive learning environment for a challenging curriculum. I failed them, and, in doing so, compromised their ability to focus on learning the subject matter I have devoted my career to teaching. I apologize without equivocation to the students, faculty, and staff of Middlebury College and to the parents and alumni who, rightly, have denounced my actions. 

I accept that my behavior has diminished the trust put in me by the student body, the faculty, and the institution overall. I will spend the coming months reflecting deeply on the choices I have made.