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Michael Geisler

Foreign Language Education, Nationalism and National Identity

VP for Language Schools, Schools Abroad, and Graduate Programs; Prof. of German




Topics he can discuss include:
  • Foreign language education and immersion language learning
  • Study abroad programming
  • Nationalism
  • National symbols
  • European-based terrorist groups and terrorism
  • German culture
About Michael Geisler

Michael Geisler is vice president of the Middlebury Language Schools and Schools Abroad as well as professor of German. He joined Middlebury in 1992. In addition to German language courses at all levels, Geisler teaches courses on terrorism, German cinema, German mass media and German culture since World War II.

Geisler has been chair of the German department, chair of the foreign languages division, director of studies at the Middlebury Mainz Program, and associate dean of humanities, arts, languages and literatures. He can address the strategic importance of foreign languages in the age of globalization.

He has received a number of fellowships and honors, and was the editor of the book "National Symbols, Fractured Identities: Contesting the National Narrative." Geisler also serves on the board of directors for Middlebury Interactive Languages, a joint venture of Middlebury College and K12, Inc.

He attended Mannheim University in the former West Germany and earned his doctorate at the University of Pittsburgh.