Margaret K. Nelson

"Helicopter Parenting;" Relationship Between Parenting Strategies and New Technologies; Social Impacts of Assisted Reproduction Technologies; Donor Siblings
Hepburn Professor of Sociology

Phone: work802.443.5301
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Topics she can discuss include:
  • Relationship between parenting strategies and new technologies
  • "Helicopter Parents"
  • Social Impacts of Assisted Reproduction Technologies
  • Parenting approach of different social classes
  • Donor-Conceived Children; Donor Siblings

Video: Margaret Nelson speaks about her book, "Parenting Out of Control." More video clips...

About Margaret K. Nelson

Margaret K. Nelson is the Hepburn Professor of Sociology at Middlebury College and the author of "Parenting Out of Control," published in May 2010. She teaches courses on sociology of family and education.

Her research focuses on surveillance, contemporary parenting practices, families in rural areas and the social impacts of assisted reproduction technologies.

Nelson graduated from Swarthmore College and received her master's and doctorate from Columbia University.