I graduated Middlebury in 1983. Pr. Bates was my advisor and a principal reason why I chose philosophy as my major. Soft spoken. So well prepared for all of his lectures with his chalk outlines on the board. A curious, keen, and clear mind. In his American Philosophy course, I remember scribbling down excitedly what he said, along with a friend/classmate, and, together, we would review and debate these ideas over the days ahead. For both my friend and me this was clearly our favorite class that term. In the ensuing years, we recalled how on the last day of
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class, as our heads were still looking down at our notepads, Pr. Bates finished his lecture, smiled, and quietly slipped out of the room before we could scarcely look up and clap for such a great intellectual adventure he had just given us. I went on into graduate school in philosophy largely because of the influence of Pr. Bates. And, I am clapping for him today still. So saddened by this news.
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by Jack Huntington... (not verified)