Very sad to hear the news of Professor Bates' passing. I count myself truly lucky to have had the chance to study with him for my senior thesis on Wittgenstein. During the summer before my senior year, when he was an Emeritus professor, Professor Bates was kind enough to video chat with me regularly to discuss my readings in a wide variety of philosophical subjects. He helped prepare me to attend the International Ludwig Wittgenstein Conference in Austria that summer and kept in touch as I traveled across Europe, digging deeper into my thesis research. The time I spent working
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with Professor Bates is without a doubt the most memorable experience of my academic career. Hardly a day goes by that I don't think back to our discussions of the Philosophical Investigations or Stanley Cavell's The Claim of Reason, remembering the incredible breadth of material we covered and his kind, perceptive advice. Professor Bates was an enormous asset to the Middlebury community and his death is an enormous loss. I am forever grateful that I had to the chance to get to know him so late in his career.
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by Kyle Kysela '16 (not verified)