I was very sad to hear of Professor Bates' passing. He was a great teacher and mentor who presented philosophy in all its depth, complexity, and elegance. He was the great influence behind my choice to study philosophy and pursue an academic career in it. During my years at Middlebury, Professor Bates was the model of philosophy teacher I aspired to be. One of my most unforgettable undergraduate experiences was taking a contemporary aesthetics course with him. It started with a daunting stack of books on things we had never heard of thought about, from dance notations to Duchamp's urinal
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and Tolstoy's fables. Professor Bates took these voluminous readings and formed a narrative about art, its purpose and its value. More importantly, he made the students feel that it was them who were making sense of it all. That was teaching philosophy at its best. I am grateful for having been a student of Professor Bates, and for experiencing first hand his love for thinking and teaching.
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by Dimitrios Dents... (not verified)