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Enjoy an autumn drive to Middlebury's Bread Loaf campus.

97 Seconds of Spectacular Fall Beauty: the Road to Bread Loaf

October 29, 2014

We've all seen the iconic images of Middlebury's Bread Loaf campus in summer—yellow buildings, Adirondack chairs. But autumn at Bread Loaf is every bit as beautiful, and Middlebury Multimedia Producer Ben Savard ’14 captured it in riveting style.

With a camera mounted to the dashboard of his car, Ben took the short drive from Middlebury up the mountain to Ripton, automatically snapping photos of the stunning foliage at brief intervals along the way.

In Middlebury there are signs that winter is waiting in the wings. We hope you enjoy this last glorious burst of fall in Vermont.


Thank You for this!!! A moment of visual meditation at my desk in an industrial park in Red Hook, Brooklyn. I miss that drive, the colors of fall and crisp clean air.

by Ashley Murray M... (not verified)

Thanks so much just wonderful I can feel the slight breeze and the cool and the warmth of the sun I know of many Midd grads who decided to attend based on visiting Breadloaf - even before they reached the main campus.

by jonathan Berger (not verified)

Love it! Thanks.

by tom palmer (not verified)

What a treat! Thanks for the ride (remember getting rides up there almost that fast).

by Bruce Burdett (not verified)

Thank you. I love the Fall colors at Middlebury & Bread Loaf, which are usually strike me in a different way from those in North West Tennessee. I wrote a poem, sitting in a porch chair at the Bread Loaf Inn November 1, 2003: "'éclaircies' defined - on the art of translation" (TBob 11.01.03) but does my native notion come to me as bookish weather wisdom marching in columned cadence now from lofty heights of Mount Lexique; or does it speak to me in soft sly smile of sun-dappled high meadow, in cloud-breaks over fallowed field revealing work-scared years in furrow shadows?

by Robert D. Peckham (not verified)

if you've spent four happy years at Midd. and experienced that winding road to Bread Loaf, you never get too old to enjoy a reminder and a trip back on a beautiful fall day. Living in the SC Low Country for 30+ years with its two seasons -- oppressive and green and warm and less green -- makes the journey back that much more of a treat. How did you know I needed this?! Thanks so much.

by Rita King, '66 (not verified)

In a world where things change so rapidly, I feel such peace being able to recognize all the scenes in the video after 40 years!

by Leslie Ouimette... (not verified)

As an ALC attendee, I love Bread Loaf in the fall--any chance the college would consider opening it up to alumni weddings the way they do Mead Chapel?

by Elise S (not verified)

Bruce, You must have ridden up there with Doon as well!!

by Bob Bruder (not verified)

I remember so well this beautiful and innervating ride up to The Snow Bowl. The speed of the film reminds me distinctly of riding up there in Doon's Camaro circa 1972!

by Bob Bruder '70 (not verified)

Rita, Just checked out the video and saw your comments. Jane and I spent five days at the Alumni College over Labor Day. It was heaven and I suggest more 66ers sign up. A few days at Breadloaf in late summer is just the solution for the low country contingent. Check out the curriculum when the notice comes out in May of '15. Hope you and family are all well. Best, Chip

by Chip Elfner (not verified)

Gorgeous! Awesome! Spectacular! Thanks so much for bringing back happy memories of Middlebury in the Fall!

by Jean Sheild'43 (not verified)

<p>I just packed my supplies to teach an adult drawing class for tomorrow. The subject of the class is fall landscape and I will provide numerous Middlebury calendars as reference. Now I can show this video on my iPad to stimulate my students to draw their impressions of the landscape. Thank you for your creative work inspired from the beauty of VT.</p>

by Quincy Egginton (not verified)

Wow! So much has happened in my life and all around us in this fast paced world we live in, yet the images and the relaxing beautiful music of this gorgeous video really bring the true meaning of peace and beauty to life! Lots of happy memories come flashing back; thank you for composing and sharing this.

by Ilaria (not verified)

Just lovely, and the music, too.

by Jo Shields (not verified)

Hi, Chip – So envious that you and Jane attended Alumni College! I am always so tempted when notices come out about it and it is a no-brainer that we would be there in a heartbeat if we didn’t live 1000 miles away. Got a call last night from Tom Easton. Looks like the wheels are starting to turn on reunion planning. How can our 50th be just around the corner? -– Yikes!! Rita

by Rita King, '66 (not verified)

The pictures of Breadloaf are beautiful! We enjoyed that scenery two weeks ago - but at a much slower pace.

by Joan Campbell Shaw (not verified)

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