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Michelle McCauley Receives Funding to Teach at Danish Institute

November 20, 2016

MIDDLEBURY, Vt. -- Professor of Psychology Michelle McCauley has received funding for her 2017-18 leave from the Danish Institute for Study Abroad. She will be teaching one course, Environmental Problems and Human Behavior, for the environmental studies program at DIS.

Students in this class will explore best practices in using psychology to help nudge environmental behavior given the large disconnect between attitudes and actions. Specifically, they will address the psychological factors that motivate pro-environmental behaviors (or not), the effect of framing and decision–making on environmental policy, and the psychological benefits of spending time in nature.

While there, McCauley will research the psychological corollaries of environmental behavior in Scandinavia to better understand the role culture plays in assumptions about pro-environmental policy and behaviors. The award covers a stipend as well as housing and round–trip travel.