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Edward Vazquez Receives Grant from Graham Foundation

June 3, 2019

Edward Vazquez

MIDDLEBURY, Vt. – Associate Professor of History of Art and Architecture Edward Vazquez has received a grant from the Graham Foundation to support research expenses for a project he’s pursuing during his academic leave next year.

Titled “Phases of Happiness—Chilean Art c. 1980,” the project will analyze and contextualize the early Chilean production of Alfredo Jaar, focusing in particular on his two-year, seven phase artwork “Studies on Happiness” (1979-81), and the forms of Jaar’s open conceptualism and its political imagination during the Pinochet regime.

At Middlebury, where Vazquez has taught since the fall of 2009, his courses range from lectures on the arts of Europe and the Americas that span the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, to more focused seminars on minimalism, conceptual art, art historical methods and historiography, and rotating topics in contemporary art.