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Participating and affiliated members

Participating faculty members teach classes in which race and ethnicity play a central role.

Affiliated members are individuals with substantive interests in the work of CCSRE. Affiliated members may be faculty, staff, or students at Middlebury who wish to participate in CCSRE-sponsored activities and who support the mission of the Center

CCSRE Mission:
The Center is committed to interdisciplinary and comparative approaches for understanding formations of race and ethnicity and their effects on human relations. It encourages scholarship that considers race and ethnicity as intersecting with class, gender, sexuality, religion, age, dis/ability, language, communication, migration and the environment. Work supported by the Center situates these discussions in local, regional, global, and transnational contexts.

The CCSRE draws on Middlebury College's expertise in international studies, environmental studies, and language and communication to support critical inquiry on race, ethnicity and diversity.  

The process

We hope you’ll join us as participating or affiliated members. Please email us a few sentences that describe your professional and research interests, and how they might intersect with the goals of CCSRE.

Emails should be sent to

Contact Us:

Daniel F. Silva, Interim Director
Fax: 802.443.3296
452 College St
Carr Hall, Middlebury College
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