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Juxtaposed Realities – Duda Penteado (2007)

Visiting scholar and artist Duda Penteado invited Middlebury students, faculty, and staff to envisage, “What does it mean to have social change at Middlebury?”  This mural, Juxtaposed realities, represents their creative, collaborative response.  Diverse images, including an article from the Campus newspaper, a drawing of US president George W. Bush, and a GLBTQ sticker, reflect political, sexual, and cultural themes important to Middlebury members and to others around the world. Words from different languages express diverse linguistic and cultural identities, complemented by representations of various countries in the background, such as Mexico, Israel, and Palestine.  The many different eyes suggest the plurality of identities and perspectives through which the challenges of social change can be interpreted.  The yellow overlapping hands with eyes located on the right side of the mural invite us to consider the power of collaborative work and the possibilities of cross-cultural partnership.  Juxtaposed Realities embodies intentional collaboration, fostering dialogues about the role of diversity in social change.  
--Emma Hodge


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