Institutional Planning

The Provost’s Office supports planning throughout the institution, serving as a point of connection between the academic programs and the operations of the institution.  This function is overseen by Associate Provost for Planning LeRoy Graham.  Along with Director of Special Projects Gail Borden, he works closely with the leadership of the institution to:

  • coordinate the implementation of major projects and strategic initiatives.  This may include convening and leading project teams or providing planning support
  • expand the use of information in planning and strategic decision making

The Planning Team

The Planning Team is convened by LeRoy Graham and includes:  Susan Baldridge, Gail Borden, Sheila Cameron, Amy Collier, Lisa LaRose and Amy McGill.

The Planning Team oversees ongoing work including the annual planning process, internal review processes, and coordinating the Middlebury Leadership Group (MLG) meetings.

Much of the work is project-based and planning team members work across the institution in a variety of ways – as liaisons, consultants, facilitators, and project managers -- and assume the appropriate role to match the project.