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Students register for Fall courses in April/May and Winter and Spring courses in November using the BannerWeb Registration system.

Accessing BannerWeb

Internet Explorer is the preferred browser for BannerWeb.  Other browsers (such as Chrome) are not supported and can sometimes produce unreliable results. We strongly recommend students use Internet Explorer for registration.


Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their advisors before real-time registration begins to review course selections and progress toward completing the degree.  Students should ensure that they have planned a schedule that does not have time conflicts and make plans to request necessary approvals or overrides of any restrictions. 

  • Approvals are given only for approval-required courses.
  • Students request approvals for approval-required courses during the Advising/Round One period.
  • The instructor(s) determines the students who qualify for the approval-required course and enters their ID numbers in BannerWeb.
  • Students must register in BannerWeb for approval-required courses, once approvals have been granted by the instructor
Registration Overrides
  • A registration override allows a student to register for a section when course prerequisites, or a student's class standing, field of study or other restrictions are not satisfied, as specified by the instructor.
  • The instructor(s) determines the students who qualify for an override for a particular courses when requested, and enters their ID numbers and the type of override in BannerWeb.
  • An override does not guarantee that the student will be enrolled in the course; an override only allows the student to bypass the registration restrictions granted by the instructor.
  • Specifically, instructors can grant overrides for prerequisite, major, or credit-based class standing restrictions that the student does not meet according to the way the course was set up by the instructor.
Alternate PINs
  • Only students with less than 20 credits earned by the end of current term and who are on campus will be assigned an Alternate PIN for registration in BannerWeb. Also students who have 20 or more credits earned through the current term and have not declared a major are also assigned an Alternate PIN. Students obtain their Alternate PIN from their academic advisor.
  • Students who have been assigned an Alternate PIN can ONLY access the registration web link by entering this additional 4-digit number obtained from their advisor when prompted after entering BannerWeb with the usual sign on credentials.
  • The purpose of obtaining the Alternate PIN from the advisor is to encourage faculty and students to meet and discuss course plans and degree progress.
  • All students are strongly encouraged to meet or discuss courses with their advisor prior to registration regardless of the Alternate PIN assignment.


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