Alternate PINs

What is an "Alternate PIN"?

The Alternate PIN is a 4-digit number that students obtain from their academic advisers to be used for registration.  While the regular sign-on ID/PIN will allow students to look at a variety of personal information online (grades, transcripts, account status, etc.,), only the Alternate PIN, if assigned, will allow students to register for classes or add/drop classes within the BannerWeb online registration period.

Why do we require an Alternate PIN?

Alternate PINs are assigned in order to encourage students to meet with their adviser to discuss academic progress and plans.  Alternate PINs for advisees are posted online for advisers via BannerWeb. Students should see their advisers during the Advising Period to discuss their academic plans and to receive their Alternate PIN.  Entering this Alternate PIN, if assigned, is the ONLY way the student can access the on-line registration page within BannerWeb.  Students enter BannerWeb as usual, and only need the Alternate PIN, if assigned, to connect to the "Register Add/Drop Classes" link on their menu.

What if my adviser is not on campus this semester? Who has my alternate PIN and where should I go for advising? 

A. If you have not yet declared your major, contact the faculty head of your Commons for advising.

B. If you have declared a major, contact the chair of your major department.

Will all students be assigned the Alternate PIN?

No, only students with earned & in-progress courses totaling less than 21 credits* are assigned an Alternate PIN for registration.  Also, students who have earned or in progress credits equal to 21 or more who have not declared a major, are also assigned an Alternate PIN.  Alternate PINs must be obtained from their adviser once the official Advising Period begins and will be required in order to register online. While some students are not assigned an Alternate PIN, they are still encouraged to see their adviser if on campus. 

*Testing credits, such as those from AP and IB exams, are not included in the credit-based calculation.  

How will I know if I am assigned an Alternate PIN to get into the Registration system?

Alternate PINs are only assigned for Fall and Spring web registrations. Click on the registration term link when it is open and select "Register Add/Drop Classes" link.  The Alternate PIN prompt will display.  Enter this Alternate PIN.  Then you will see your registration time-ticket/window, or if it is open you will access registration.

NOTE: Alternate PINs are not required during Round One or Winter Term web registration.

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