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If you are unable to register for a course because it is already full, many courses/instructors allow you to put yourself on a waitlist for a course.  You should, however, still register for 4 course credits.  Faculty may or may not admit students off the waitlist prior to the start of the course.  If you are offered a seat in a course for which you are waitlisted, you will need to submit a signed Add card to the Registrar's Office and then, if necessary, drop a course so that your course load does not exceed 4 course credits.  We recommend that you get the Add card signed first before you drop your fourth course.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a course fills and a waitlist has started (i.e., at least one student is on the waitlist), and then if a student later drops this course, the schedule will show a seat available but entry into this course will only be via the manual Add card process offered to students on the waitlist by the instructor.  That is, no one can web register for a newly opened seat in a course once the waitlist has started.

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