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Alumni College runs from August 26-29 at Bread Loaf.

Alumni College celebrates its 35th year

July 13, 2010

Alumni College at Bread Loaf will be held from August 26-29, 2010. Alumni, parents, and friends are welcome to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Like the curriculum of Middlebury College, the offerings at Alumni College reflect developments in a changing world, the onset of new and pressing global problems, the emergence of new academic fields, and innovative approaches to well-known subjects.

This summer's courses at the Bread Loaf campus bear witness to a dynamic, evolving academic culture. There is much talk today that the 21st century will be the Chinese century and that greater understanding of China's traditions and history is imperative. One of the summer's courses sheds light on the remarkable literature and culture that flourished in an earlier era in China's past. Another Alumni College offering explores the future of globalization in the aftermath of the world's greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression. Yet another addresses proper stewardship, and pioneering initiatives at Middlebury, in an age of heightened consciousness of the planet's finite resources. The course on movies and memory flows from one of the College's newest academic departments, Film and Media Culture. And while for centuries Shakespeare and his unmatched oeuvre have been studied,  taught , and admired, this summer's Alumni College course examines from a new angle an oft-neglected part of Shakespeare's legacy, his sonnets.

This, then, is a great year to join alumni and friends of the College on the beautiful mountain campus in late August and explore important subjects with guidance from six of Middlebury's finest teachers.

Find out more at the Alumni College Web site.