2006 Planning Steering Committee

Chair, Members, Advisory, Liaison

John Emerson, Chair
Alison Byerly
Ann Hanson
Bob Huth
Mike Schoenfeld
Amy Briggs
John Elder
Becky Brodigan
Charlotte Tate
Mike Wakefield
ReNard Rogers '07
J.S. Woodward '06
Cathy Bilodeau, staffing
President Liebowitz, ex officio

Charge to Task Force

  • Coordinate work of the planning task forces
  • Provide information and support to task forces
  • Lead the community in exploring broad strategic options and priorities
  • Prioritize the suggestions brought forward by the task forces
  • Plan for the College's response to the challenge of our $50 million donor
  • Prepare an integrated and transparent written report presenting a strategic plan for the College through 2012