Roles & Processes

1. Chairs and co-chairs will convene their Task Forces, set agendas, organize the work of the Task Force, and keep their liaison apprised of their progress.

2. The term "liaison" refers to a member of the Planning Steering Committee who will facilitate communication between the Task Force and other parts of the planning process, especially the Planning Steering Committee. This person is often not a regular member of the Task Force and is not expected to attend all meetings of the Task Force.

3. The term "advisory" refers to a person with particular expertise that may be useful to a Task Force during some phases of its work. This individual is not a regular member of the Task Force, but will attend some meetings when invited.

4. The "charges" for a Task Force identify some issues and questions for the agenda of the Task Force. These charges are not meant to constrain the work of the Task Force, as other issues and agendas may emerge as the work progresses.

5. The Planning Steering Committee will pool the information and ideas generated by the Task Forces, consider their implications for the human, physical plant, and financial resources of the College, and work with the President and senior administration in prioritizing them.