Task Force on Staff Roles & College Mission

Chair, Members, Advisory, Liaison

Barbara Doyle-Wilch, Chair
Janis Audet
Heather Cahill
Karen Guttentag
Wayne Hall
Mary Hurlie
Matt Longman
Steve Reigle
Linda Ross
Ellen Usilton
Peggy Nelson
Bob Huth, member and liaison

Charge to Task Force

Consider the following questions:

  • How can staff members best support and contribute to the College's core mission of educating students?
  • How can staff help in strengthening our academic reputation?
  • In what ways is the work of staff vital to the College's success with its educational mission?
  • How can the College make best use of emerging technologies (including computing technology, e-mail, scheduling software) to best support our work while minimizing burdens that sometimes accompany the use of technology?
  • What opportunities can we identify for improving collaboration among individuals and across departments? How can we enhance our collegiality and our effectiveness?

Executive Summary
May 2005

Note: Each Task Force Report is a collection of background information, analyses, and recommendations that are submitted to the Planning Steering Committee and the President. Over the summer, the Steering Committee and the President will review and discuss all 15 sets of recommendations together in the context of the College's available resources.


Staff do contribute in very important ways to the education of our students, both formally and informally. The staff bring a diversity of socio-economic, political, professional, cultural and geographic backgrounds to the College Community. The staff are highly skilled, loyal and hardworking in support of the mission, although some may not perceive their contributions in this way. Our recommendations are focused on strengthening our weaknesses, specifically in the areas of:

• Inclusion of staff in the College community
• Enhancing collaboration between individuals and departments
• Increasing the effectiveness of staff roles and responsibilities
• Improving the use of technologies in our work environment.

The process of discussion and contemplation has been invaluable as our task force conferred with the staff community and developed these recommendations. We hope the synergy and momentum to discuss and analyze will continue. It is through such constant examination that we will strengthen the College.