Goal Planning FAQs

Below are some of the more frequently asked questions we've received regarding the goal planning process.  Click on the green question to see the answer.  If you do not find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to contact us at vpsp@middlebury.edu and we'll be happy to discuss your questions with you, and maybe add yours to our growing list.

Why are we submitting annual goals?

Three reasons: 

1)  We want to help people connect their work to the strategic directions of the institution. 

2)  We want to help staff members and supervisors get clarity about prioritization of work in order to address workload concerns. 

3)  We want to make sure that people are aware of the projects and initiatives going on in other areas of the College that might have an impact on their own work.

How many goals should I submit? How detailed should they be?

We’re expecting most work groups to identify six or fewer major goals, but if you have more than that, just insert rows in the spreadsheet to accommodate the additional goals. 

You don’t need to submit every goal your office might have.  Very specific operational goals that don’t have an impact on others at the College (for example, changing the office filing system) should not be submitted.  Please try to be brief in your description of the goal; a sentence is fine. 

Can we change or add to our goals after they’ve been submitted?

If you need to make a significant change to your goals, send an email to the Vice President for Strategy and Planning mailbox.  We will also be in contact with the vice presidents' direct reports again in January to ask about any revisions or additions to goals.

What if we didn't complete a goal in 2013-14, can we record it as a goal for 2014-15?

Yes.  If you didn't finish a goal last year, and it is still a priority for your office and you intend to work on it in 2014-15, you should record it as a goal for the coming year.

What if our goals aren’t “right”?

Your office or workgroup probably already sets goals, and we’re only asking that you tell us about them for the reasons described above.  If you aren’t sure about whether you’re on the right track, talk with your supervisor or Vice President.

Who will be able to see the goals that are submitted? Can I review the goals submitted by other offices?

Once we have compiled all the goals and they have been reviewed by the Vice Presidents and their direct reports, we’ll be sharing the list of goals (along with their assigned prioritization and lists of stakeholders) with everyone.  Supervisors and managers may wish to review these lists to identify any projects or initiatives relevant to their own areas that they weren’t aware of.