Task Force on Alcohol and Social Life

The Task Force on Alcohol and Social Life was asked by Dean of the College Shirley Collado to consider the impact of alcohol on our college community and to propose revisions to current college policy, procedures, and infrastructure. As part of this overarching goal, the Task Force was specifically asked to consider the following:

  • Assess the balance between fostering independence and student responsibility while ensuring safety for all students
  • Review current national and regional data on alcohol use among college students
  • Examine evidence based recommendations to reduce problematic drinking
  • Evaluate the applicability of both national and regional recommendations regarding alcohol use on campus
  • Consider how the college might improve social options on campus with an eye to improving campus social life both for those who drink and those who don’t
  • Review the current college alcohol policy and make suggestions for revised policies and enforcement
  • Assess the college’s approach to health and wellness education and consider programs for prevention of those struggling with addiction

Members of the Task Force on Alcohol and Social Life

The Task Force was a committee made up of Middlebury College faculty, staff, and students. Implicit in the Task Force’s constitution was the notion that the College was seeking solutions to this problem around which the College community could largely build consensus. The committee was co-chaired by Coach Bob Ritter and Dean of Students Katy Smith Abbott. Task Force members included:

  • Adam Beaser, ’14 
  • Priscilla Bremser, Professor of Mathematics
  • Susan DeSimone, Associate in Science Instruction, Biology
  • Dan Gaiotti, Associate Director, Public Safety
  • Carllee James, ’13 
  • Matt Kimble, Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Nathan LaBarba, ‘14
  • Robert LaMoy, ’12 
  • Sylvia Manning, Manager, Custodial Services
  • Ellen McKay, Administrative Program Coordinator, Chaplain’s Office
  • Nial Rele, ’12 
  • Becca Shaw, ’12 
  • Annie Wymard, ’15  

Reports and Updates

In May 2012, the Task Force submitted its final report that outlined numerous recommendations for addressing alcohol consumption concerns, social life programming, and improving current policies and procedures.