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Middlebury College

Inventory of Undergraduate Student Surveys

Each year Middlebury College administers surveys to groups of students. Here is a schedule of past and planned surveys. 

Ongoing assessment is vital to Middlebury College's efforts to provide the best possible experience for students.  To view the actual survey tools, please click on the titles below.

First Year Student Surveys

CIRP 08, CIRP 09, CIRP 10, CIRP 11, CIRP 12: Cooperative Institutional Research Program First Year Student Survey

General information in the CIRP Survey includes questions about high school experiences, college choice, plans for financing college, social attitudes and beliefs, and academic skills self-ratings.  Students are also asked about future plans while in college such as intended major and activities they may undertake.

Senior Surveys

Senior Survey:  This survey is being given in spring 2013.  Information in this survey includes details about post-graduation plans as well as co-curricular experiences.

CSS 08, CSS 09: College Senior Survey

General information in the CSS includes questions about college experiences in terms of satisfaction with various aspects of college, participation in different activities, social attitudes and beliefs, and academic skills self-ratings.  Students are also asked about future plans such as further education and intended occupation.

NSSE: National Survey of Student Engagement

NSSE 2006: National Survey of Student Engagement (Spring 2006)

NSSE 2008: National Survey of Student Engagement (Spring 2008) 

NSSE 2011:  National Survey of Student Engagement (Spring 2011)

The NSSE Survey asks questions about the current school year in terms of participation in different academic activities.  It asks for details about what coursework has emphasized.  Students are asked to rate of the amount and challenge of coursework and time spent in various aspects of coursework as well as to detail participation and plans for different student life activities.  They are asked to characterize of the quality of relationships at college and what the institution emphasizes.  First year and senior students participate in the NSSE Surveys. 

DLE:  Diverse Learning Environments Survey

DLE 2012:  Diverse Learning Environments Survey (Spring 2013)

The DLE Survey assesses the climate for learning at Middlebury College with a particular focus on diversity.  Questions relate to how respectfully students engage across group differences, their perceptions of the classroom environment and pedagogical practices used by faculty, and their experiences in selecting a major.  All students participate in the DLE Survey.

NECASL Consortium Surveys

  • The Sophomore Survey includes questions around advising and assistance; choice of major and intended career; challenge in coursework; interest in academic areas; skills self-assessment; participation in different academic activities; plans for research activities; and participation and feelings about different aspects of student life.  This survey was given in both the fall of 2007 and the fall of 2008. 
  • The Junior Surveys include questions around majors, studying abroad, staying on campus, faculty interactions, and life outside the classroom. The set of Junior Surveys was given in spring 2009 and only Junior On Campus was given in spring 2010.