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Laundry at Middlebury

Middlebury College has 15 laundry facilities. All facilities have both washers and dryers. Buildings with laundry facilities are: Atwater, Brackett, Brooker, Coffrin, Forest, Gifford, Hadley, Hepburn, Kelly, LaForce, Munford, Painter, Palmer, Prescott, Ridgeline Suites and Stewart.


$1.50 per wash
$1.50 per 46 minutes of drying time (recommended drying time for a normal load)


Rechargeable smart chip cards cost $5: a one-time $2 fee for the card and $3 of laundry value. Unless the card is lost or damaged you should only have to purchase one card. Cards are rechargeable for an indefinte amount of time.

Add-value machines are located in the entrance to Ross Dining Hall, Forest laundry room, Atwater laundry room and McCullough next to the ATM. Cards can also be purchased at the College Store.

Add-value machines eject cards after every bill is processed. If you want to add $15 using $5 bills, you will have to insert your card three times. Machines cannot process multiple bills inserted in succession. 

Cards have a $99 stored value limit. As long as there is less than $99, you can add value, as long as you don't exceed $99. If you have $89 in value and try to add $20, the machine will reject your transaction.

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