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How to Submit a Voucher

Any request for payment should include the following information. Any check requests submitted without this information cannot be processed and will be returned to the requester.
  1. Information to include on invoice or voucher form:
    1. Note: If you have an invoice no separate voucher is needed but the following information still needs to be included on the invoice
    2. Banner ID for payee if known (required for all payments to faculty, staff, and students)
    3. Last Name, First Name or Company Name
    4. Campus Address if Student/Faculty/Staff, otherwise mailing address - even if you think/know that the person is already in the system
    5. Citizenship for students and independent contractors. We have three categories: (1) U.S. citizen, (2) Legal Permanent Resident, (3) Other (if authorized for Banner INB citizenship can be found in SGASTDN, SAAADMS, PPAIDEN, FOAIDEN or SPAIDEN code Y and D for (1),  RA for (2), N or C for (3)). Note: even if a person fills out a W-9 and has a social security number, that does not prove that s/he is a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident
    6. Relationship to College for a person: Faculty/Staff, Student, or Outside Vendor
    7. Characterization of payment: examples are: fee for a lecture or performance, payment for XYZ services, payment for XYZ products, prize, internship stipend, reimbursement, senior work fund, travel advance, etc.
    8. Business purpose and location, e.g., reimbursement for xyz conference trip to ABC or supplies for XYZ Department. Note that any expense abroad (outside the United States) needs to include a location code for the region the expense occurred
    9. Include a due date if check needs to be printed in the next 7 days
    10. Banner INDEX and Account or complete FOAPAL (email for an INDEX and check this for frequently used account numbers)
    11. Supervisor/Budget Administrator and Requestor printed name, phone extension, signature, and date of request
  2. Attach original receipts for reimbursements. If mileage, a printout from the internet that shows total mileage is sufficient
  3. Attach a W-9 if company is a U.S. company or the person is a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident  (see also instructions for Form W-9). Faculty, staff, and students do not need to submit a W-9.
  4. If foreign individual, the Tax Office needs to be informed before the person provides the service even if individual is not paid or only reimbursed for expenses as some individuals (depending on visa history) cannot be invited or reimbursed. The Tax Office will make the determination whether the individual can provide a service to the College, what documents are needed and whether the payments need to be taxed. NOTE: Paying for expenses via the procurement card or through an account like the Middlebury has with Milne Travel does not exclude us from following the above procedures.
  5. If foreign company, attach a Form W-8BEN instead of a W-9.
  6. MIIS and LS @ Mills vouchers also need to attach Form 590 if the vendor is a California resident or Form 587 for vendors who are not California residents if payment is for services, rent, or royalties
  7. NOTE: If person is paid for services provided outside the U.S. no matter the nationality of the vendor - follow the instructions on the Independent Contractor webpage.
  8. Attach contract for speakers, performers, other service providers and products - see different contract templates on the Independent Contractor webpage. Note: if a contract has already been submitted with a previous voucher please note so on this voucher.
  9. Potentially attach approved independent contractor worksheet for any person providing a service - see categories when the questionnaire is needed on the Independent Contractor webpage. Note: if the worksheet has already been submitted with a previous voucher please note so on this voucher.
  10. Potentially attach a certificate of insurance - see categories when the certificate is needed on the Independent Contractor webpage
  11. Attach a signed volunteer form if workshop participant or other time of volunteer who receives reimbursements - see for more information the Independent Contractor webpage.
  12. Mail all requests for payment to Accounts Payable, Service Building at Middlebury College or Business Office, Casa Fuentes at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS).

Note: Only original payment requests are being processed copies are not accepted.

Controller's Office
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