Divestment Background

In recent months, a debate has emerged at a number of colleges and universities across the United States over the role social and environmental policies should play in the management of endowment funds. To some, the debate is reminiscent of the anti-apartheid divestment movement that occurred during the 1970s and 1980s, which led many institutions to stop investing in companies that did business in South Africa at the time. Today there are calls for institutions to divest their holdings in companies working fossil-fuel industries such as oil, natural gas and coal, as well as companies making weapons and armaments.

Middlebury College is proud to play a leadership role in this arena and believes that debates such as these should be conducted openly and respectfully, and should be based on facts and careful analysis. For that reason, the College has embarked on a series of public discussions centered on endowment management policies and practices as they relate to the environment.

We have dedicated this area of our web site to the ongoing discussion about endowment policy and divestment at Middlebury, and will continue to add content as it becomes available.

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