The Finance Office is making an effort to develop subject matter experts for each area, allowing more streamlined communication and gains in efficiencies. Therefore, if you have a budget related question, your first point of contact should be the Financial Analyst covering your particular area within the Finance Office.

Please note that all Analysts are well versed and can address questions or point you in the right direction related to any topic. Therefore, in the case that a particular Financial Analyst is unavailable, please follow the instruction provided in their away message (email) for further support or reach out to any Analyst below within our office.

MIISSchoolsUndergraduateCentral AdministrationEndowments/Gifts
Financial AnalystSonja AldisertEmily MillerMark LundquistLexie CarlsonTyson DuvalSarah Larocque
Functional AreaMIISSchools

Dean of College
Dean of Admissions
VP Academic Affairs
VP Academic Development

Academic Affairs

President's Office
VP Fin and Treasure
VP College Advancement
VP Communication
VP HR and Risk


VP/SLGJeff Dayton-JohnsonJeff Cason

Katy Smith Abbott
Greg Buckles
Andi Lloyd
Tim Spears

Andi Lloyd

Laurie Patton
Susan Baldridge
Mike Thomas
Colleen Fitzpatrick
Bill Burger
Karen Miller


For system related issues, please contact Chris West.

If you have urgent matters related to Budgeting or Financial Planning and are not sure which route to take please contact Edin Suljanovic for further assistance.

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