Whom do I contact with questions about various budget issues?

Our list below should be helpful.....

Any member of the Budget Office can answer general budget questions for any department. For more specific inquiries please use the contacts listed below. 

  • Academic Administration:  Sue
  • Academic Departments:  Sue
  • Admissions: Sarah
  • Athletics:  Sarah
  • Auxiliaries:  Sue
  • Board Plan:  Sue
  • College Advancement:  Sue
  • Communications:  Sue
  • Dean of the College:  Sarah
  • Facilities:  Sue
  • Finance and Human Resources:  Sue
  • Graduate and Special Programs:  Sue
  • LIS:  Budget Office
  • MIIS:  Budget Office
  • Museum and MCFA:  Sue
  • Planning & Assessment:  Sue
  • President's Office:  Sue

Our phone number is 802.443.5725 and our e-mail address is budget@middlebury.edu.