I found a transaction on my report that wasn't charged to the right org (or fund or account or activity), what do I do?

You will need to request that a journal entry be created, to move the charge to the appropriate place. The Controller's Office handles all corrections to YTD actuals.

Please contact Jean Gross (cojg@middlebury.edu) in the Controller's Office for more information, OR you may access the Journal Entry template directly from this link:
Journal Entry template
Further instructions will be found on the Journal Entry template.

What is a FOAPAL?

A FOAPAL is the acronym used by Banner for the budget number.

F Fund
O Organization
A Account
P Program
A Activity (optional)
L Location (optional)

I have forgotten my password. Now what do I do?

Please contact the Helpdesk. For Midd, e-mail the Helpdesk or dial 802-443-2200; for MIIS, e-mail the Helpdesk or dial 831-647-6656. Your request will be forwarded to the appropriate person who can help you reset your password.

How do I get access to a fund or an org for myself or someone I supervise?

There is a "Request Access" form located at the LIS web page that you will need to fill out. Just go to the LIS Banner Security Request Form.

You will be asked first to log in. The form itself contains directions as well as contact names if you have questions. Once you have filled out the form, click on Submit, and the form will be routed electronically for processing.  You will be notified when the new access is in place.

How do I use Banner?

Banner training is provided by LIS. Click here for more on LIS workshops. For more specific information on navigating on Banner, contact the Budget Office at budget@middlebury.edu. To get access to Banner, please contact your supervisor.

What is Banner?

Banner is the computer software that the College uses for most of its activities, including tracking financial data. For more information on budget data,



What is the current business mileage reimbursement rate?

Click here for mileage reimbursement rates from the Controller's Office Accounts Payable website. 

If you need to fill out a Travel Reimbursement voucher, click here to access an electronic form from the Controller's Office.


How do I find out how much money I have in my budget?

Check Banner INB (FGIBDST) for information on your budget, or use BannerWeb.  You can also get your budget information from the Hyperion budget reports.  Please call the Budget Office 802-443-5725 or e-mail us at budget@middlebury.edu if you are having any difficulty.

I'm having trouble running my Hyperion budget reports. Who can help me?

Please e-mail the Budget Office.

I just charged something on a line I haven't budgeted for. How do I change my budget?

You do not have to change your budget as long as you have enough total money to cover the expense within that Org. If you would like your budget lines to directly reflect your expenses, please fill out this >Budget Adjustment Form

and e-mail it to Budget Office, using it to indicate where you want budget money moved from and to.


What is a budget number?

A budget number is the string of numbers used to track budgets and expenses. A budget number consists of a fund, org, account, program code, and sometimes an activity code or location code. The budget number is also known as a FOAPAL.

I just got locked out of Banner (or Hyperion). Whom should I call?

Please contact the Helpdesk. For Midd, e-mail the Helpdesk or dial x.2200; for MIIS, e-mail the Helpdesk or dial x.6656. Your request will be forwarded to the appropriate person who can help you reset your password.

If you need to CHANGE your password for Banner INB or Hyperion Budget reports,

What is an Activity Code?

An activity code is a combination of six numbers or letters that allows easy tracking of an event or an on-going activity. When used in conjunction with the org and account numbers, the revenue or expenses attributed to the activity can easily be monitored.

I have questions that cannot be answered by these FAQs! Whom should I contact?

You may either send an e-mail to the Budget Office mailbox,  budget@middlebury.edu, or you may call us at 802-443-5725.

How much money do I have left in my endowed or gift fund?

Please contact Sue Lalumiere.