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There are multiple systems and tools available to you in order to manager your area to budget. Below you will find guides and training material related to each system available.

Quick system structure overview:

Oracle As of 4/1/2019, the main ERP system for the insitution.  The general ledger, payables, and purchasing all happen in Oracle.  Firefox is the suggested browser for Oracle.

Axiom is a reporting tool that pulls summary and transaction data from oracle via a nightly update.

Banner INB was the ERP prior to Oracle. 

BannerWeb is a web based system that pulls data directly out of Banner INB and has some drill down capability.  BannerWeb does not contain information in Oracle (post 4/1/2019) 

Hyperion is a system-based reporting tool that also pulls data directly out of Banner INB. Pre-built dashboard reports are very useful. Hyperion allows for more flexibility in the way data is pulled and viewed compared to BannerWeb. However, it may be too intricate for your daily use.

Planning is a cloud-based reporting system that has pre-set reports for multi-year budget vs actual viewing capability. These reports are generally more useful for the senior leader but some have value for daily use as well. Unlike all above, Planning is not live data but rather a month behind.

Moreover, users will only see the funds and organizations which they have access to. Please complete the LIS Banner Security Request Form if you access needs to be altered.

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